I got my start in art and media as a musician and a recording engineer. Although video and photo have become the center of my career, I still dabble in songwriting, music recording and mixing.  Here is a smattering of things I’ve worked on.

Jeremy Taylor and I were in a post-hardcore/screamo band together a long time ago. Jeremy always had a powerful vocal range as our lead singer but the songwriting was generally carried out by other members of the band. That band broke up (RIP, Madison East).

About a decade went by and he approached me about recording his new project, The Morning Bird. It was my first real taste of what Jeremy was capable of as a songwriter. Over the years, Jeremy has developed an appetite for a much calmer, nuanced kind of Americana Rock. But while he had embraced the quieter, lower and mid range of his vocal register, I was pleased to learn that he still could, and did, reach for the rafters when he felt like it on their EP “Lonesome Leaving Sound.”

Lonesome Leaving Sound - Single by The Morning Bird | Spotify(Link to album on Apple Music)

I first met Archer Frodyma when she was about 14 years old. She was a student of a musician/producer friend of mine named Joel Negus. I recorded some demos for her, which turned out pretty well. I could tell Archer was going to be something special.

When she was finishing high school, Joel contacted me about recording something a little more ambitious. When I heard the music Archer had written for this record I realized how much I underestimated just how special she would become. The songs on “Send My Love Away” have a maturity that often eludes artists twice her age with a voice to match.

Send My Love Away (Link to album on Apple Music)

I had long harbored the ambition to gather up my favorite local Cleveland area bands and find a way to record a compilation of exclusive recordings to showcase their talent. It turned out to be an exercise in persistence and learning to be flexible as collaborations evolve. The result: Orange Barrel Season: Apparatus Productions Compilation Vol. 1

One of my favorite bunch of guys to collaborate with, on account of their friendship, their musical skill and their propensity for indulging absurdity in the studio, this LP by Call Me Constant remains one of the most enjoyable projects I have ever recorded. It is an emphatically prog-rock concept album built on a foundation of punk rock titled The Sun, The Moon, The Dark, The Dawn.

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